Pro Google Traffic Bot Usage Guide

  • Process Area;

    • My Proxies : The proxy to be run in the browser. Each browser runs different proxies. It takes the proxies in order.

    • Browser Quantity: The number of browsers we want to open. For example: There are 100 proxies in the list. If "Browser Count" is entered, the next 10 proxies will be opened at the end of the process, thus completing the list.
    • Waiting Time (Sec.): It is the waiting time of scanners. Waiting time scanners will be turned off and opened in the next.
    • Endless Work: It will run the current settings continuously (It will continue to operate without waiting in front of your PC on your computer or server) For example, 100 proxies attached to the list 20 browsers waiting time for 60 seconds, 20 browsers will be turned off after 60 seconds, so 100 proxies will continue but do not finish again. 100 proxies start over and finish again, that is, they fulfill the orders given until you stop. As an example 2: If a direct URL order is given, it will do. If a Google Search order is given, it will work forever within the order frame until you stop it.

    Management Area;

    • Working Position: There are 3 options. Direct URL Google Search, Google Video Search. Important point; For example ; When searching Google, it takes the search from the "Header" Web URL part in the SEO region or fast action area. It takes and clicks on the click on the search result from the "2nd heading" in the Management section. In other words, "Title" Web URL to search, "2. Title" for clicking on the search result.
    • Hide Browser : The browser works silently incognito. Hide (Only applies to Direct URL) Undo, Manual You can set the width of each browser to open. The bottom and manual part will be better in terms of organic hits.: Thumbup:
    • Developer Mode : It is the personal preference section. You

      can download the application you want from the Chrome Store and use it in 4k views. You need to pay attention in the file directory, in the C: \ Program Files (x86) \ 4k Views \ Additions section, it is enough to make the name of the plugin we downloaded in the mode 1 2 3 which we will use. For example, if I want to integrate and activate the 1st plugin, I change the name of my plugin to mod1.crx. From the panel, click on Options under Development Mode 1 on the left. 2. The same is true for add-on 3. so we can download the plugin we want and use its name with mod1 mod2 or mod3.


    • Proxy Management : If a username and password are required to login the proxy "yes" must be enabled. If proxy login username and password are not required !, If done by direct connection, "no" must be enabled. For free proxy use, simply select "Free Proxy".


      İ PV4 & İPV6 & MOBİL PROXY : to My Proxies section

    • IP: Port, add your ipn

      * In the Options section, in the "Proxy management" section

      If user pass is available, add user pass information and select "Yes".

      If direct connection is provided not with user pass info, Enable "No".

      Free proxy to use your existing pc ipn - select Pc Ip

      You can choose Free Proxy --- VPN 1 & VPN 2 & VPN 3 for using Free Proxy.

    • Browser Identity : Apple, Macintosh, Chrome, Firefox, Linux features are available. If you want it to be used manually, import the user agent. You can do the action. Note: Browser ID Apple Macintosh use "Play" section may not work.
    • Free VPN: There are 3 Proxies.