Close Chrome Update

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    You need to install Chrome v81 and turn off updates to use 4k views v5.6 and earlier.

    Chrome v81 64-bit or 32-bit download:

    There are different ways to turn off Chrome automatic updates . Updates are of great importance in terms of security, before sharing them all with you, it is useful to consider this.

    Method 1: Services.msc

    1. First, let's press the keys win + r .
    2. Next, let's open the Run window and type the services.msc command here and press ENTER .


    3. Go to Google Update Service "gupdatem" and right click and click on properties .


    4.Ekr career dominating the Startup Type to select Circuit external change as OK 'to'll print it.

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    5. Let's disable both " gupdatem " and " gupdate ".


    6.Chrome automatic update will be disabled.

    Method 2: Program Files

    • First, let's say C: / Program Files / Google / Update.
    • Let's delete the Chrome Update file in the folder.
    • Chrome will no longer update automatically.

    Note 1: When you want to find out the version of Chrome you are using, you can find the version by opening a blank Chrome page and typing chrome: // help / instead of the address above.

    Note 2: As we mentioned above, automatic Google Chrome updates are very important. Because when the security vulnerability is revealed, Chrome prevents them, but when you turn off Chrome updates, a security vulnerability may occur.

    We explained the Google chrome update shutdown process. If you come across an error, please let us know in the comments, and we'll try to help.