Using Facebook Live

  • Using Facebook Live


    What is the cost of buying viewers from websites that sell facebook impressions ?

    - When you purchase from outside. Facebook Live 1000 View 5 Hour : 670$:?:

    5 hour viewers sell for $ 670.. If you buy 5-hour impressions daily from sellers. Your monthly expense is $20,000:!:. Here 4k View program saves you from heavy payments. :thumbup:Thousands of dollars stay in your pocket :thumbup: It allows you to set up your own system and use it easily at very low cost.<3

    We provide additional information about Facebook to be more useful to you. This is the answer to the question of how we can use it in the field of Facebook. Hundreds of our members actively use it. If you follow the instructions, you will ensure trouble-free use. Anyone who has our guides on how to use 4k viewer is using facebook space without any problems.

    What are the advantages of 4k Views for Facebook?

    1. It gives privilege to your Facebook account. Your organic popularity increases and you reach more people
    2. Viewers are not spam. It will not damage your live stream. Audiences are real. It feeds your live stream.
    3. Facebook feeds your live stream
    4. With the 4k Views Program, the viewers are reflected on facebook impressions for hours. Impressions stay on your live stream until you turn off the viewer bot.

    What is required for Facebook impression?

    1. Facebook Accounts : According to Facebook rules, you need multiple Facebook accounts. More Facebook accounts means more viewers. 1 Facebook account means 1 Individual Viewer.
    2. 4k Views Program

    You can buy Facebook Accounts from here or from different places. It totally depends on your preference.

    1. Check whether the accounts are logged in without any problems.
    2. It is optional. : Proxy or VPN is not required. You can use all of your accounts( by selecting My Pc IP).
    3. Impressions are reflected in choosing Facebook My Pc Ip. Facebook only cares about the account for impressions to be permanent. Manage Cookies by Saving.
    4. It is optional : Proxy use is not mandatory. If you want to use it according to your preference : Check if the proxies you added are working. It is useful to get a proxy from the "location" of the created account. As a proxy, you can use free VPN in the program. You can use a proxy if you want.
    5. Cookie management

    Important : To save cookies and log in permanently after logging in, be sure to click the save password button as in the picture below. If you do not press the save password button, you will have to re-enter the password every time the browser is opened.


    What you need to do for Facebook viewer posting is to add your facebook accounts to the program and add and send the facebook link to be sent.

    Please follow the steps to use Facebook live

    Step 1 : Options ---> Play ---> Facebook Live


    Step 2 :Management ---> Working Position ---> Direct URL


    Step 3 : Account Login : Preference : Facebook && Usage : List

    E-mail : Facebook Account Add


    Step 4 : Fast Processing Area :

    Proxy List : Add (Optional)

    Title Web Url : Facebook live Url Example url :…/videos/3669466769733232/


    You can make it watch by sharing your Facebook embed code on your blogger or on your site. It is the most preferred section

    Embed usage advantage:

    • By reducing the size of Facebook video, your computer will process faster.
    • You can send more viewers as the video gets smaller.

    Facebook Embed :

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