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The world's most advanced artificial intelligence program. Start using it immediately with its amazing features that allow you to easily produce content.

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WordPress Ai

Make timely automatic posts on your WordPress site with artificial intelligence

Youtube Ai

Video is created with artificial intelligence and uploaded to your channel

Advanced Features

Mass image production with artificial intelligence. Text to speech, speech to text, text to image, chat with artificial intelligence. And more+

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Quantum Mind Ai

Artificial intelligence is advancing very rapidly in the world and entering our lives. Quantum Mind AI was designed and coded to prevent you from being left behind in the world of artificial intelligence. It addresses many areas of your life. In addition to WordPress and Youtube content production feature, it is also possible to produce many types of content. In the world of artificial intelligence, it is possible to do visuals, text-to-speech, and more. You can produce YouTube content. The program creates images from prompts and prepares your content entirely by pulling artificial intelligence.

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Quantum Mind Ai 2024

Ai Processing Area

This is the area where you can produce automatic content with artificial intelligence. It supports Youtube and WordPress.


This is the area where you can make your artificial intelligence settings. In this area, there are areas where you can log in to the API of the supported platforms.

Ai Chat

Most of the vehicles damage as maintenance neglect.

Ai Text to Speech

Generate speech from text in seconds with artificial intelligence (Chat GPT API )

Ai Speech to Text

Generate text from speech in seconds with artificial intelligence (Chat GPT API)


Generate image from text with CHAT GPT Dall-E

Upload Video

Easily upload videos to your channels with Youtube API

Ai Image Generator

Generate images from text in seconds with artificial intelligence (Stability, ClipDrop, Replicate, Pixabay)

Ai Post Creator

By adding your WordPress websites, you can easily share posts with title, tag, description and image.


You can easily analyze your usage area.


This is the area where successful and other transactions are reported.

License & Update

Log in to this area with your license sent to your e-mail.

Customer Reviews

Poly Dem WordPress Dev.

My life has changed a lot since the day I met Quantum mind. I am a WordPress content producer and I generate income by easily producing content with this program. It seriously impressed me in my monthly analysis and earnings increase. WordPress content timing and fast sharing of your text results is great. Thank you to the software team

Robin Johnson Youtuber

My friend recommended this program, it has really amazing features. Using the system features is easy and enjoyable. I use it in Youtube and WordPress field. Manual batch artificial intelligence outputs also work for me. I am very pleased with the system. I have no doubt that the system will reach further levels.

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Quantum Mind Ai Graphics

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