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You can send viewers to all sites on Facebook, Youtube, Twitch and Live streaming. The audience is projected until you turn it off.

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We keep your security at the maximum level with 100% secure payment system.

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You can post impressions to all your social media accounts and website. Can add unlimited Proxy. You can use.

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You can use 4k View unlimitedly in every area. Just for you with its ease of use and comfort


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Frequently asked questions

The 4k Views program, developed by 4k Views LLC, is a views program with artificial intelligence.

Nowadays traffic and earnings can be difficult to achieve, and time-consuming social media is a great resource. On these platforms where there is a lot of competition, you put a lot of effort into getting into trends and reaching more viewers. We solved this problem with our great 4K Views software.
Thanks to the artificial intelligence we integrate, you can send traffic to any domain and get an increase in private keywords. Thanks to smart traffic submission, your audience increases, you gain traffic, and you log into trends very quickly. More people bring more profit, your popularity increases, you love your business more than before. You can use it on Website Traffic, Youtube Views , Facebook Views, Instagram Twitch and other platforms. As 4k Views team, we provide active support and service. You can buy 4k Views right away and start using great features right away

We support 4k Views Program with video and user manual. We share user guides on You can easily use it by adding extra information every day.

4k Views Guidebook

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Use of Social Platforms

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  • All Recommendations


Tutorial Videos
  • OTHER++
  1. Website Traffic Views
  2. Youtube Views
  3. Youtube Gaming (Live) Views 
  4. Facebook Views 
  5. Facebook Gaming (Live) Views 
  6. Twicth Views 
  7. İnstagram Views 
  8. Twitter Views 
  9. Steam Views 
  10. Wasd Tv Views 
  11. Dlive TV Views 
  12. Nimo TV Views 
  13. Afreeca TV Views 
  14. Trovo Live TV Views 
  15. Wasd TV Views 
  16. Kakao TV Views 
  17. Niconico Views 
  18. GameTips TV Views 
  19. GoodGame RU Views 
  20. Vaughn Live Views 
  21. Pandora TV Korea Views 
  22. Whalebone TV Views 
  23. Aparat Stream Views 
  24. YouNow Views 
  25. Picarto Views 
    Including all video and live streaming sites.

We keep users’ safety at the highest level. Your security is our security. Please register with your real details when creating a Profile account so that we can get to know you better. Global Payment system Stripe is used. You can buy 4k Views Program with confidence.

  1. Files and information will be sent to you.
  2. A special licence is created for you to use the 4k View Program.
  3. You will have access to the location where you can download all versions.
  4. After purchase, detailed license and details are sent to your automatic e-mail address. (If there is no mail in the inbox for your post-purchase license, please see other folders in the mail)
  • If you need help, we are with you. You can get support from our professional support team and ask your questions. Contact :

You can pay with Google Pay or Apple Pay. Login to the payment page from your phone. You can pay securely by logging into the payment page from your phone.

Extra Alternative Payment

  • Payoneer :
  • Perfect Money : USD : U26916058 — EURO : E26839629
  • Bitcoin (Bitcoin) : 18yw9vSztE3KFSSB3o18yhZ7kjTqfBzqHx
  • Ethereum ( ERC20) : 0x098f5805287f3d0cf9264f49a31ff46996f1e91d
  • DOGE (dogecoin) : DRpccYLUjiebZ4EhCYayiHMz1b9f2cjE5U
  • TRX (Tron (TRC20)) : TKinw1Q6S65zL4tkgyuCHujkh6boddhdzX

We are giving away active use on +3 computers to those who pay with BTC and Altcoins. (Maximum Computer limit +3 Gifts)

Please inform us after sending. License and details will be sent to your e-mail after your payment is confirmed.

Contact :

Update support is provided continuously. The place where all versions are managed is given to the purchaser.You can download the version you want and install it in one click and use it. We provide continuous updates.Updates are released free of charge to purchasers.

Each area is precisely coded by our software team and the design is done by our designer team. The flow of the fields is controlled by the project team. After the update checks are provided, the support team is informed that the new update has been released. 4k Views program is broadcast by our professional teams after passing their controls.

We publish the update information in detail in our telegram group.

Telegram 4k Views :

  1. Dot Net framework 4.7.2 is required to run 4k Views. Download it from here.
  2. Download and install it from 4k Views download area.
  3. Enter your user License and 4k Views is ready for use.

After the purchase, special license and details will be sent to your e-mail. There is a download area in the details. Download the latest version from the download area

Q.  How Can I Get a Proxy ?

A proxy is basically an IP address used to cloak your original IP. A VPN also does the same thing but it generally consist of a pool of multiple IP’s. It is always recommended to use 1 account per proxy. Free proxy vpn plugin is available in the 4k Views program. You can use this if you want. If you want, you can use the proxy you purchased. It is useful to review the Proxy Preference list.

Q. On how many computers can I use the program?

You can actively use it on 2 computers. For more use, please contact us.

Q. Are there any limits?

No, you can use it unlimitedly and actively.

Q. While running any campaign, Do I need to keep my PC on?

Yes, You need to keep the PC running until the process is executed. If you don’t want to run the PC for long hours, Use a VDS or Dedicated.

Q. What should be the minimum VPS configuration required.?

It depends on the number of accounts you want to run. Minimum 50 GB HDD or SDD, minimum 2 GB RAM. Upgrade according to your preference based on your usage situation.

Please contact us after purchase. Contact Us

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Streamline your business processes with impressive and functional program designs! Enhance your efficiency with 4k Views' innovative solutions. Stand out with our user-friendly designs!


Take strategic steps towards success! Develop long-term growth strategies with the expert team at 4k Views. Reach your goals faster and achieve sustainable success!


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Download Easily

We got all versions under one roof, download the version you want with one click and start using it immediately.

PC and Mobile compatible

You can choose the model of the device you want to send from the settings. Sending traffic from different devices is very pleasant and of high quality. You can send your traffic by choosing the setting you want from your Phone, Tablet and Computer.

Easy Settings

When there is a new update, you can access the new version instantly.Installation and use is as easy as one click.


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Our clients say

I use the 4k views program in every area. I am supporting my youtube videos, sending impressions and improving its ranking. My channel gives great support, so I am very pleased, thank you.
Hilary Leigh
Facebook Live
It caught my attention from the first day, I got it on my friends' suggestion. I'm really glad it has multiple features. program support management provides continuous support.
Hall Read
WordPress Manager
As a user of the program, there were some sections I got stuck with, but both telegram and skype are constantly updated and they clearly explain what we should do. I wish you continued success.
Quintin Angus
Facebook Content Producer
4k views program is the best program I have ever seen, at first I was skeptical I was very happy with the purchase. It sees every job of users on social media and internet. It is an excellent program. The new v10 is released. Thank you.
Jillie Tempest
Social Media Manager
They are very experts in their field. Design and coding are very good. after purchase they were very interested, I bought it with confidence and I use it
Soleil Gardener
Social User
As a user of the program, there were some parts that I got stuck with, but you can read the resources in detail and grasp them immediately after a few efforts. really nice to use
Alonso Atkins
Social User
I use it in the Youtube area. I bought the system from a friend, I really congratulate the system in my mind. Both live streaming, youtube and sites are accessed via proxy. It helped me a lot, thank you. I feed my Youtube channel, I came to very good places in the trend
Samuel Aida
They designed the sections very well, I love how they search my videos on youtube and open them one by one. It finds my videos searching pages by page and opens it this is an extraordinary system. My videos reach more people something legendary
Alessi Anderson
Social User
The flow of the program is very good, it was very attractive to me that it was designed as artificial intelligence. I drive traffic to my websites with google. I get more traffic and earn more. The program is currently worth $2300. and I earned times the money I spent on the purchase. Thanks 4k views you are there.
Aaron Stewart
Social User
I broadcast live on many sites. Like Facebook, YouTube, Twitch. I own and use in every area. What I love about this program is that it can appeal to every field. Even if I open a website today, I can send traffic to it. I am sure that I get to the top in google in a short time, thanks to this 4k views. But I prefer to use it on live broadcast sites for now. Their team is very good and someone takes care of every area. In short, 4k views is number one in the field.
Darlene Bennett
Social User
This system is legend, the system I am looking for. It is really good to constantly update the instant update information. You shared each area in a descriptive way. I open and use it whenever I want. I use it on any live streaming platform I want
Vanessa Williams
Social User
It's a great program in the Facebook field. My friend bought it and suggested I use it myself. I bought it too, they send the details 10 minutes after the purchase. I read it for 1-2 days to understand the system and I understood it very well by constantly experimenting to understand the system. I'm sending viewers to my Facebook live stream. My system live stream that I have been using for a long time has come to very good places. I can say that it is not just a spectator, I realized that your facebook live stream sends more traffic with artificial intelligence in order to carry the impression sent from the system to better places. Now I am constantly on the rise. Every day I get more traffic, which means high earnings.
Reagan Rogers
Facebook Gaming