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The 4k Views program has a wide range of features. It allows you to determine your own strategy and your own work. You can do very good work with strategic studies. Education comes first. Please read the use of the sections. If you know the sections more, you will use the 4k Views program more effectively and beautifully. We will constantly update it in the form of questions and answers.

Please read our guide for the use of all areas. For better use of 4k Views, Education comes first.

Determine Working Strategy, Put your difference to reach high earning and popularity in the internet world. Working effectively will bring rise in your field.

With a more effective study, you can target success and reach better points.

Get high efficiency in your field by making better use of developer modes and sections.

General Inquiries

Examine The General Questions

To increase your license limit: Contact our team.

To reset your license:

Follow the license section.

If your license is inactive, you must deactivate your license on computers you have previously activated. Because there is a maximum limit of 2 computers. If you do not disable it on previous computers, the license will remain active and you will not be able to connect. Read the undergraduate section from this area Guidebook 

You can use profile management to add accounts. How to login to registered profiles, you can watch from this video.

Since the source code of the 4k Views program is hidden, some antivirus programs can see it like a virus. This is completely unfounded. If it does not allow 4k Views, please allow it from your antivirus program.

Please allow the program you are using. Contact the antivirus company you purchased to give permission.

You can use 4k Views Program on your own computer. VPS : It is a remote desktop connection. If you want to keep your computer running at all times, you can get a VPS. You can run your computer fully efficiently without slowing down its speed.

The cookies of the browser you use on your computer are saved. Every time you log in, it will open as you left it before. That is where the information of each opened browser is kept. For example, you have saved Facebook or youtube accounts and cookies separately. It will be opened as saved every time you open those cookies. (Read the cookie tutorial for more detailed information.)

It is useful to purchase a server feature according to the area you will use. For this reason, we are unable to provide any server advice. The faster the computer and server, the more processing you will do.

Facebook: proxy is not required. Impression is provided by signing in an account. The more accounts, the more impressions. (You can use a proxy depending on the country where the Facebook account is located. It depends on your preference.)

Youtube : It does not matter whether it is a proxy or a youtube account for Youtube. You can send as you wish.

Other++ : For other platforms, more than one proxy is usually sufficient.

Renting a computer with an external remote connection. It allows you to use it by providing remote connection to the rented windows computer. VPS’s internet speeds are high. Even if you close the VPS run window, the server you leased continues to run in the back.

Every computer has an IP network. Each IP is a user. If you are reading this article, it means that you have a ip and you are connecting with the ip of your internet.

Ip’s alias is proxy. Proxies are divided into 2 parts based on ipv4 and ipv6. Ipv4 is used for public platforms. Some platforms support ipv6. For example youtube supports ipv4 and ipv6.

You can buy ipv4 and ipv6 and use it easily in 4k views.



Free VPN extensions are available in the 4k Views program. You can provide your proxy need for free. Of course you can use your own proxies.

Right click on the desktop.

Click on image settings.

Scale and Layout Be 100% structured

Example : Video

Facebook Questions

Questions for Facebook

For the Facebook area, we gave a very large place in the 4k views training booklet. You can read our video and written documents.

How do I post my Facebook livestream impressions? Follow this section

Social Platforms

Follow the video to login to Facebook account

  1. Make sure you download the latest version
  2. Make sure you have opened accounts correctly
  3. Open browsers make sure the account is opening correctly

If you pay attention to these, the impression will be reflected without any problems. We have more than one video about this, be sure to follow them

There are multiple website vendors. When you type “buy Facebook accounts” on Google, there are many sites coming out. Be sure to contact customer support before purchasing an account. Please ask the customer support of the place of purchase for your account questions.

In our educational book, there are places you can buy in the facebook area

Yes, you can send it is quite effective.

You can follow this video

Facebook and many platforms are managed by artificial intelligence. Live broadcasts move them to the top based on the number of clicks and where the traffic is coming from. How you send traffic is very important. You will be moved to the top of the traffic sent with search by facebook bots. All traffic is recorded by the platforms. This feature of ours is great in this area.

Youtube Questions

Questions for Youtube

You can easily apply this method in gmail entries.

Youtube bots look at proxy quality and how you send traffic. The 4k Views program allows each browser to be opened with a new identity thanks to artificial intelligence.


Things to watch out for on Youtube.

  1. Proxy must be of good quality (We do not recommend any site because there are many proxy vendors. You can check the proxy preference list)
  2. You can log in an account (that is, you can send the impressions by logging in to the account.)
  3. You can use VPNs in the program.(Test VPNs for youtube)
  4. You can use Useragent
  5. Develop a strategy

You can determine it according to the speed of your computer, There is no specific standard

Artificial intelligence works great for YouTube. The 4k Views program is perfect for youtube. He’s pretty good at this. The impression sent by the Youtube search carries your youtube video to the top. The video that has been moved to the top gives a great effect. It is recommended that you send your traffic via youtube search.