• Proxy List : It is the proxy that is wanted to run in the browser. Each browser runs different proxies. Takes proxies sequentially.
  • “Title” Web Url : url or title, url only for direct url. Google search, Youtube search For Title should be used.
  • Opening Range Random : is the browser’s active range. ie browser, 1 waits for opening browser 2 waits for opening browser.(is the inter-browser interval)
  • Loop : It is the cycle of transactions. General cyclefor example ; 50 proxies opened, if we want to do this 10 times, we have to use the loop. This is the cycle of common operations. For example, there are 20 proxies in the proxy list, when the loop is called, 20 proxies are opened because there is no certain limit on how many proxies are in the SEO region. After 20 proxy browsers are opened, the “waiting time” expires. 2. Cycle starts 20 proxy switches off again at the end of “waiting time” Switches to cycle 3 20 proxies turn on.
  • W. Time(Sec) : the cycle is time to complete.In the 1st cycle, the time is activated when the operations are completed, the browsers are closed at the end of the period and the cycle goes to the 2nd cycle. The waiting time is activated after 20 proxies are opened one by one, for example, we have written 600 seconds in Seo area. After 600 seconds, the scanners are turned off when the time expires.
  • *Important point : In this section, browsers are opened sequentially.

Note : Press the “Play Loop” button to use the loop. If you don’t want to use Loop, simply press Start.

Options ;

  • Proxy Management : If proxy login username and password are required, “yes” should be enabled. If the proxy login user name and password are not required!, If done via direct connection, “no” must be enabled. For free proxy use, simply select “Free Proxy”.,

For example, this is the proxy :

  • İPV4 & İPV6 & MOBILE PROXY Usage:

    * In which area you will use the fast transaction & Seo area, add your IP: Port, Example ((189.150.20: 8080)), ie your ip, to the “My Proxies” section of that area. IPV4 & IPV6 & MOBIL PROX Y 3 have the same place of use, so you can use 3 of them in the program.
  • * In the Options section, in the “Proxy management” section
    If User Password exists! Add user pass information and set Enable to ” Yes “. If there is no User Password, ie direct proxy connection! Activate ” No “. Choose Free proxy – My Pc Ip to use the IP of your current PC You can choose Free Proxy — VPN 1 & VPN 2 & VPN 3 for using Free Proxy .
  • Free VPN : There are 3 proxies.
  • Play : the video on the desired site is autoplay. Note : If the video is watched by searching, turning on the “play” feature may stop playback.
  • Hide Browser : scanners operate silently
  • Working Position : There are 4 options. Google Search ,
    Youtube Search Plus , Google Videos Search.important point ; For example ; When searching for YouTube, the video has the title “Title 2”. that is, clicks “Title 2” in the title section. (This is the video title). for example ; we searched the website, After searching, she will click on the title in the “2nd Title” section to click on the website title.
  • Phone Mod : The browsers that will be opened when activated turn into the selected device. Since the interface switches to Phone mode, the “Working Position & Play & Account Login” sections are deactivated and used only as a Direct URL.
  • Developer Mod : personal preference section. You can download the application you want in the Chrome Store and use it in the 4k views program. In the file directory you need to pay attention, C:\Program Files (x86)\4k Views\Additions in the folder , mod1.crx = development Mode 1, mod2.crx = development Mode 2, mod3.crx = development Mode 3, so we can download the plugin we want and use its name by mod1 or mod 3. *”Extra info” :: It is the personal preference section. You can download the application you want from the Chrome Store and use it in 4k views. You need to pay attention in the file directory, in the C: \ Program Files (x86) \ 4k Views \ Additions section, it is enough to make the name of the plugin we downloaded in the mode 1 2 3 which we will use. For example, if I want to integrate and activate the 1st extension, I change the name of my plugin to mod1.crx. From the panel, click on Options under Development Mode 1 on the left. 2. The same is true for add-on 3. so we can download the plugin we want and use its name with mod1 mod2 or mod3.

Management ;

  • Account Login : logs into your social accounts, first logs in before starting all transactions. for example ; You can watch the video after logging in.
  • Browser Identity :
    Changing the identity of browsers is a great feature. Apple , Macintosh, Chrome, Firefox, Linux features are available. If you want it to be use manually, import user agent You can do the process. Note : In the use of user agent, “Play” section may not work

Fast Processing Area ;

  • Proxy List : It is the proxy that is wanted to run in the browser. Each browser runs different proxies. Takes proxies sequentially.
  • Browser Count : This is the number of browsers we want to open.For example: There are 100 proxies in the list. If “Number of Browsers” is entered, the next 10 proxies will open at the end of the process, so the list will be completed.
  • Waiting Time (Sec.) : is the total waiting time for each browser.When browsers expire, it closes and reopens.
  • *Important point : In this section, browsers open directly. For example: “Proxy List” 100, “Number of Browsers” 10, “Waiting Time” 60.
    10 scanners open, close after 60 seconds, the next 10 proxies pass.
    Thus, 100 proxies are completed.


The chatbot section is very easy to use. It is enough to click enable for the chatbot section to work.

You can click Import and import our comments list.

3 episodes available Dlive TV, Twitch Youtube Video.

  • You can post comments on Dlive TV and Twitch Live broadcast, Youtube video (not a live broadcast video) any video.
  • There are two important points here, the first is the seo region and the fast processing region, the working style of both sides is different.
  • ChatBot in the Seo Area : In this section, browsers are opened one by one, and the specified site is entered. The comment in the list attached to the chatbot section by going to the live broadcast or the video, each opened browser comments in order.
  • Fast Transaction Zone Chatbot (Dlive TV and Twitch): Here we had a lot of fun coding here, this is the working logic of this episode for ” Dlive TV and Twitch. Dlive TV and Twitch ” logs into accounts. For example, we have made 5 different user entries in 5 browsers. How many comments are in the chatbot list will randomly assign them all. 5 different users have opened in 5 browsers, there are 50 comments in total, and in the chatbot section, the interval is 20 seconds. 5 user accounts opened randomly receive comments from 50 comments in the comment list.
  • 5 browsers leave a comment every 20 seconds among
    50 comments and continue until they reach the total number of 50 comments. If there are 100 comments in the list, the comment will continue to post comments until the number reaches 100.
  • Range (Sn) Section Valid for Fast Trade Zone only
  • Fast Process Zone Chatbot (Youtube): Each browser opens 1 comment on the youtube video.

Turbo Views : As the name suggests, it sends a very fast impression. The use of this feature only supports Hits to your website. If you want to get a serial impression on your website, you can choose here.

Important Shortcut Keys

On the program;

* Pressing CTRL + HCloses All Tabs and Stops Processes

C TRL + T to transfer the proxy list in the Seo Zone txt file

CTRL + R to transfer the proxy list in the quick action zone txt file

CTRL + Y to export the list of identities in the User Agent txt file

Youtube Like Dislike and Subscribe

When you have a Youtube video watched directly, the video opens for impression like, dislike or subscribers.

Well, does it not work in other systems “Of course it works”. How can I run it?

It makes a very simple Google membership login and searches for youtube. income likes and subscribes to the video

Logs in with Google, google searches the video, finds the video, clicks, starts watching, likes the video after 5 seconds and subscribes to the channel

In other words, the end of the job is to search for the youtube video or make the operations directly on the youtube video. 👍

Well, can I send the views from the account and continue to watch them when I like and subscribe. ? Of course, we have integrated satin tracking in the system that you can turn off at any time and as a completely free system from top to bottom. For that reason, anyone who wishes can log in to google and watch them.


User login can make Dlive TV membership login and watch video


You can use it within Twich and other platforms attached to it.

<3:!::?: HINT :!::?:<3

1) If you are doing “Search Youtube”, selecting youtube from the “play” section will make the video pop up because it automatically starts the video. (If Search Youtube is selected, “play: youtube” should not be selected)

2) Apple safari etc. from the user agent section. The reason for not doing the task given in operations such as search for google if it is used, search for youtube: the algorithm in the browser interface is completely changed. For this reason, when using Useragent Chrome Firefox etc. areas, it is useful to choose the section you get from the section you get more efficiency from.

3) Did you know that the SEO region is more compatible with the use of constantly changing strings like mobile proxy?

4)Turbo views Websitenize

In the program, the strategy is at the limit, so do not know the limit, combining the strategy with the thought, good work awaits you..

My favorite person is the one who creates his own idea by kneading his own strategy with mind and works with difference.

4k Views Team

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