Delivery and Returns

All orders placed on the website are included in the contract. I read and approve the agreement below.

  1. Purchased via 4k Views.
  2. Prices vary.
  3. The purchased product is sent to your e-mail. The program and details are transferred to the e-mail you purchased.
  4. The user can use it with the license and details sent to his e-mail after purchase.
  5. The delivery of the purchased product is made via e-mail.
  6. The delivery of the purchased program is made to your e-mail immediately.
  7. After the successful purchase, the details are sent to the e-mail you entered when purchasing the license and details.
  8. The 4k Views system fulfills its responsibility in 3 stages in total. 1) License and details are sent to your e-mail account at the buy stage. 2) After successful payment, you can use the program after the license information and details are sent to your e-mail. 3) You can use the program freely and unlimitedly by sending the license and details to your e-mail. The right to use the program belongs entirely to the customer who purchased it. All responsibility belongs to the purchasing user. You can use the program freely and comfortably.
  9. After the successful purchase, the payment notification is sent to the buyer’s own e-mail.
  10. We provide support at support@4kviews and
  11. Each purchaser is deemed to have automatically approved all items.
  12. An automatic license is created for each user who purchases the 4k imaging system. The customer’s license and details are securely stored on our computers.
  13. There are no refunds as we make external payments for each user who purchases the 4k Views program.
  14. We pay for improvements to better serve users who purchase the 4k Views program. Refunds are not available as we paid additional fees to develop the 4k Views program.
  15. No refunds are available for the 4k Views program and security.
  16. In order to ensure the safety of all our users, licenses and details are transmitted only to our customers who have purchased them.
  17. We continue to improve the system for our customers who purchased the 4k views program.

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