1. The latest version is downloaded from the 4k Views Google Drive directory.
  2. It is installed.

Smoothly Working Windows Versions

  • Windows 10
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2019

Net framework, which is an indispensable driver for a computer, has frequently come across when using all kinds of programs. These drivers must be installed for the 4k Views program to work stably. These drivers do not need to be installed if your current computer has these drivers.

Installation Directory :

When installing 4k Views, make sure the file directory is here. : C:\Program Files (x86)\4k Views

1) Requirements to be installed before the

program: To use 4k Views on your computer:

You need to install both.

To use in VDS:

Server Manager / Features /

.Net Framework 3.5 (make itself and all the clicks in it)

.Net Framework 4.6 (make itself and all the clicks in it


2) This part is not mandatory, but if you have problems with your windows version, install C ++.

Visual C ++ needs to be installed.

If the download does not start, you can go to the site by clicking here

. Install both.

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