There are many vendors in the market and it is not possible to test them according to the platforms, therefore we cannot recommend Proxy to buy from here !

Before purchasing a proxy, definitely ask for “Test” on the site you want to buy, 1-2 weeks long-term testing and purchase according to the result and evaluation.

Be absolutely careful when purchasing Ip6 Proxy. They extract hundreds of thousands of proxies from 1 Subnet (Server ip) and give them to you. This means that 1 subnet is used by 100 people. Root is very important in 1 proxy, if there are too many users, that proxy will not mean much for work in satin google band. I do not recommend taking it. If Google and Youtube asks CAPTH when you log in to the site, please tell where you bought the proxy, it has a subnet ban.

What is preferred in general :?:

  • + IPV4 for GENERAL Platforms
  • + IPV6 for YOUTUBE (Continuously changing ipv6) : Thumbup:Mobile Proxy for high efficiency : Thumbup:
  • + INSTAGRAM: Instagram Supported Private Proxies

There are many sellers in the market, the important thing is its quality, fastness and no quota limit. Purchases should be made by paying attention to this, and it will be healthy to have internet speed and monitoring as much as the average monitoring you will open.


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