Every year, a digital phenomenon is highlighted by experts. The discourses are usually the same. For example, such as “this year will be the year of mobile”, “this year will be the year of video content”… The same discourse started to be expressed for Youtube. Especially as of 2016, Youtube is in the focus of both content producers (influencers) and brands …

For this reason, we think it is useful to have detailed information about YouTube in order to catch the agenda. That’s why we wrote this article. We will start by getting to know YouTube from a to z. First, let’s take the title of “YouTube History”.
YouTube History

Popular social network YouTube that maximizes interpersonal interaction in addition to watching videos; It was founded in 2005 in the United States by 3 former Paypal employees, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim. According to Time magazine, site founders differ in the emergence of YouTube. What is meant here is; According to Hurley and Chen, the platform argues that it was caused by problems with a video post after dinner at Chen’s apartment, while Karim states that the YouTube idea came out after Janet Jackson’s live-stream crash and the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake.

The birth of YouTube begins in February 2005, with the purchase and launch of the YouTube.com domain name. Thus, Jawed Karim, one of the founders of the site, uploads a video from the “San Diego Zoo” to Youtube, which will reach millions of users over the years and will also be uploaded as many videos.
The First Video Uploaded to Youtube


About 1.5 years after the first video was uploaded to YouTube, on October 9, 2006, YouTube was acquired by Google for exactly $ 1.65 billion. This is one of the biggest purchases in Google history. In this respect, we can say that YouTube has a special place in the history of social networks.

In the same year, HTML code was developed on YouTube, providing some convenience to users. One of them is the feature to delete comments made by users on videos uploaded to YouTube. YouTube has provided this opportunity to content producers. In August, the feature of reporting videos was improved. Thus, interaction has been tried to be provided in all aspects. In addition to these, “Channels” feature has been developed in order to reach videos with similar content more easily.

When it comes to January 2007, the results of the acquisition of YouTube by Google, more precisely its advantages, began to emerge. YouTube videos were featured in “Google Video” searches, encouraging the production of content for YouTube.
Sponsored Video

Before 2009, there is a development that concerns businesses on YouTube and the “Sponsored Video” feature is being introduced. In April, YouTube continued to rise, winning the “The Peadbody Award”, one of the oldest electronic awards.

Increasing the number of users rapidly with continuous updates, YouTube reached 2 billion views per day in April 2010. Also in the same year, a Chrome extension for YouTube was published.

In January 2011, YouTube purchased a platform called Fflick, which stands out with social media analysis, and started working on copyright in April. Subsequently, the “Youtube Copyright School” feature was announced. In this way, it is obligatory to complete the virtual course in which online training is given to users who violate copyright.

In February 2012, Google Plus profiles started to appear on the YouTube channel. In the same year, “free advertising” support was provided to 500,000 businesses. Thanks to this feature, YouTube has turned into a marketing medium where businesses can find potential customers. At the same time, with the incentives given to businesses, it has ensured that the brands get used to the platform.

When we entered 2013, the stones on YouTube have settled in place. It is possible to see this in numbers. Every 1 minute videos uploaded period of time has reached 100 hours and monthly visitor count of 1 billion on a platform that turned into the world of YouTube exceeded and Turkey in the most used social networks ranking has managed to enter the top 5.


YouTube isn’t just targeting businesses or adult users. For YouTube, children are as important as adult users. For this purpose, YouTube developed a special application (Youtube Kids) for children in February 2015 and released it on Google Play and APP Store.


Youtube Gaming

What is YouTube?

In the most basic sense, Youtube is a social network that offers its users the opportunity to upload videos and watch videos uploaded by other users. Therefore, when social networks are categorized, it is possible to define a “video” oriented social network for Youtube.

Although there are certain categories at the time of video upload, YouTube does not have any restrictions on content. Only illegal content is blocked on YouTube, and some content is required to be over 18. Apart from this, every video (without copyright infringement) can be uploaded to YouTube.

YouTube uses Flash Video Format (* .flv) as its video format. The video clips requested on the website can be viewed as Flash Video or downloaded to the computer as a * .flv format file.

To watch video clips, “Adobe Flash Plugin” must be installed on the computer. Added video clips are automatically reduced to 320 × 240 pixels and converted to Flash Video Format (.flv) by YouTube. In March 2008, a high quality 480 × 360 pixel option was added. Currently available in 720p, 1080p, and 4K. In addition to these, videos with the latest 8K image quality are available as beta.

In the meantime, videos in video formats such as AVI, MPEG or Quicktime can be uploaded to YouTube with a maximum capacity of 1 GB. To summarize, users on YouTube can watch existing video clips and also those who wish can add their own video clips to YouTube.

Video Upload Conditions

On Youtube; User-developed content consists of personal amateur clips, video clips, movies, TV programs and music videos. About 65,000 new video clips are added to YouTube daily by users and around 100 million video clips are watched.

In the meantime, video clips that do not comply with the terms of use are examined and deleted by YouTube officials with the notifications of the users. In addition, YouTube members can evaluate and grade the video clips they watch. However, users can comment on the video they watch or interact by liking / unlike it.

YouTube has added HTML 5 feature to videos with the updates it has made in recent years and eliminated the need for Flash Player. This feature is only available in the current version of IE9, Firefox 4+, Chrome and Opera browsers.

Note: IE9 does not support Windows XP. (Wikipedia)

Why Is YouTube Important?

At least What is Youtube? Why is Youtube important as much as the question? Now we will answer the question …

Yes, YouTube is at an important point both as a marketing and information / communication medium. In fact, Youtube can also be compared to the world’s second largest search engine. If we think about video content search, we can say that Youtube is in the first place in this sense.

Another factor that makes YouTube important is that unlike other social networks, content producers on YouTube can earn money in return for interaction and subscribers. In this respect, Youtube is a social network that makes money. This allows businesses and users to keep on YouTube. All these make it possible for YouTube to maintain its popularity in every aspect.

In addition, the fact that YouTube is a video-focused social network and that internet users consume more video-based content than visual and text content makes YouTube special and important.
Youtube Terms

Every social network has its own culture, language, style and structure. Therefore, YouTube has its own language. Let’s briefly explain these terms. If missing, please indicate as comment 🙂

YouTuber (YouTube player): It is a YouTube user who produces content with a focus on Youtube and has a certain number of audience.

Director: Created for experienced filmmakers. Members with this account have a number of advantages over other videos in the size of their uploaded videos.

Musician: A term used to describe artists and singers who have musical works.

Comedian: Used to describe humorous video producers.

Guru (Expert): It is a term used to describe those who produce original video content based on their field of interest.

Reporter: The term used for those who report inappropriate videos.

Youtube Statistics (Current)

Youtube, one of the most influential platforms of new media, has more views than any established television channel today. We have compiled up-to-date statistics on Youtube, which was founded in 2005 and is one of the most popular social networks today.

Since we have included many details about Youtube in this article, we conveyed the current data about “Youtube Statistics” in a different article. Click here to read.
Latest Developments on Youtube

Youtube is on the agenda of the media with a different development almost every week. Hundreds of its inception until today, the latest developments on the YouTube where thousands or even tens of thousands of news articles we encourage you to follow Branding Turkey to follow instantaneous. You can reach content related to Youtube on our site by typing Youtube in the search bar. You can also activate the Push notification by clicking the icon at the bottom left of the page.

Meanwhile, it continued to broadcast the New Generation motto Branding Thematic Channels Tv Turkey and be sure to subscribe.

In this part of our article series with the theme of Social Networks, “What is Youtube? How to Use Youtube? What are the features of Youtube? ” We touched on the subject. Thus, we have included all the details from a to z about one of the most popular social networks in the world. So what is Youtube? We have conveyed all the curious details about Youtube from here, especially.

Thus, in our article starting with Youtube History, What is Youtube? and then Why is Youtube Important? We have included titles that summarize the subject. Afterwards, we talked about Youtube Statistics, Features of Youtube, Youtube News.